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Character Information
Name:Gii Deboxada
Profession:Elder Druid
Last login:10 February 2019, 8:41 pm
Char Criado:14 April 2018, 4:45 am
Account Status:Free Account

Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
331 114 19 10 10 10 10 35 10
Demon Helmet
Ferumbra's Ascendant
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor
Supreme Drugovich

Character Deaths
10 Jun 2018, 11:18Died at level 331 by Rules and Mighty Sword Knight
1 Jun 2018, 04:54Died at level 332 by a plaguesmith and Taviin
1 Jun 2018, 04:32Died at level 332 by Missel Robacena and Sight of Surrender
1 Jun 2018, 03:55Died at level 333 by a massive fire elemental and a hellfire fighter
1 Jun 2018, 03:11Died at level 334 by Ethernall Bolt and Werewolf Szalw
1 Jun 2018, 03:08Died at level 334 by Dominando Zora and Safadeex
1 Jun 2018, 03:07Died at level 334 by Dominando Zora and Na Onda Da Balinha
1 Jun 2018, 03:02Died at level 334 by Werewolf Szalw and Ethernall Bolt
1 Jun 2018, 03:00Died at level 335 by Kacturn and Na Onda Da Balinha
17 Apr 2018, 14:59Died at level 331 by a dark torturer and a hand of cursed fate
17 Apr 2018, 14:13Died at level 331 by Thiago Forfun
17 Apr 2018, 05:30Died at level 332 by a hydra and a serpent spawn
16 Apr 2018, 18:07Died at level 324 by a hellfire fighter and Popular Da Escola
16 Apr 2018, 15:39Died at level 323 by Demon Outcast and a hellhound

Account Information

1. Gi Deboxada273 Elder DruidOffline
2. Gii Deboxada331 Elder DruidOffline
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