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Character Information
Name:Legendarny Lucznik
Profession:Royal Paladin
Guild Membership:a Member of the F1RM4 F0RT3
Last login:30 June 2018, 7:34 pm
Char Criado:13 April 2018, 7:00 pm
Account Status:Free Account

Level ML Fist Mace Sword Axe Dist Def Fish
392 39 29 10 10 10 120 103 10
Demon Helmet
Ferumbra's Ascendant
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor
Supreme Drugovich

Character Deaths
6 May 2018, 08:34Died at level 388 by Showniz
6 May 2018, 08:32Died at level 389 by Luiz Safadao
3 May 2018, 00:27Died at level 386 by a grim reaper
2 May 2018, 11:05Died at level 387 by a grim reaper
1 May 2018, 23:24Died at level 386 by a grim reaper
22 Apr 2018, 19:53Died at level 379 by Sir Stone Bolts and Hermion Sanchaz
22 Apr 2018, 19:52Died at level 380 by Mestre Babanex and Roni Cabrero

Account Information

1. Legendarny Lucznik392 Royal PaladinOffline
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