Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
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Fall Out TM

Guild Information

The guild was founded on Drugovich-Global on Apr 03 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Commander Bezkonkurencyny King Elder Druid 352 offline
Cadelao Tengalos Elite Knight 465 offline
Skthsyshshty Dolph (Invencible) Elite Knight 452 offline
Serial Killer Almighty Tekilla Royal Paladin 419 offline
Brookllyn Elder Druid 316 offline
Bukkik Elder Druid 362 offline
Capa Loka Master Sorcerer 355 offline
Go Robot Elder Druid 405 offline
Kong Elder Druid 379 offline
Lord Koero Master Sorcerer 378 offline
Maestro Cometeucu Elder Druid 377 offline
Mago Mito Master Sorcerer 361 offline
Mah Blair Alenda Elder Druid 411 offline
Minnie Master Sorcerer 443 offline
Simplesmente Keep Royal Paladin 407 offline
Tetheusz Elder Druid 400 offline
Uoy Tuc Elder Druid 408 offline
Viniciusz Elder Druid 412 offline

Invited Characters

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Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Status Online