Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
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Guild Information
Your Sir !

The guild was founded on Drugovich-Global on Jun 08 2019.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
the Leader Atreus Taca Pena Royal Paladin 624 online
Decraft Royal Paladin 669 offline
Horsee Royal Paladin 613 offline
a Member Amo Pik Elder Druid 402 offline
Atreus Modeon Elder Druid 536 online
Colossus Royal Paladin 457 online
Decraftt Elite Knight 641 offline
Drankller Elder Druid 208 offline
Drum Elder Druid 574 offline
Duck Royal Paladin 535 offline
El Master Master Sorcerer 598 online
Epic Bow Royal Paladin 545 offline
Full Lure Elite Knight 456 offline
Joao Lins Royal Paladin 444 offline
Jogadory Royal Paladin 459 offline
Justiceiro Master Sorcerer 315 offline
Kid Bengalareta Master Sorcerer 447 offline
Kid Bengalatorta Elder Druid 452 offline
Larhalt Elite Knight 650 online
Maxfuller Royal Paladin 433 offline
May Royal Paladin 409 offline
Michael Corleone Royal Paladin 454 offline
Mithyck Royal Paladin 522 offline
Monstraum Master Sorcerer 554 offline
Morgana Druid Elder Druid 449 offline
Paladin Da Revolta Royal Paladin 500 online
Paladoxy Royal Paladin 476 offline
Phoenixziinn Royal Paladin 491 offline
Seu Merda Royal Paladin 571 offline
Sorcy Master Sorcerer 568 offline
Vito Corleone Elite Knight 466 offline

Invited Characters

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