Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
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Server Status
Currently 236 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Absolut Saqua404Royal Paladin
Aeio400Royal Paladin
Agrh62Elite Knight
Alicate352Royal Paladin
Aluka324Elite Knight
Amante Do Rav8Paladin
Amendoin352Royal Paladin
Andromeda57Royal Paladin
Anrus450Royal Paladin
Apt Get301Elite Knight
Arjuna31Royal Paladin
Artemis30Elder Druid
Arthuria339Elite Knight
Astaroth Black345Royal Paladin
Batgol120Elite Knight
Bela21Elite Knight
Beto Oz282Royal Paladin
Bih Takz413Elite Knight
Billy The Kid390Royal Paladin
Birruss457Royal Paladin
Bliend236Royal Paladin
Blocko Tudo220Elite Knight
Blon Takz407Royal Paladin
Bolt Nakara449Royal Paladin
Boltadanoseucu351Royal Paladin
Boomerang364Royal Paladin
Boquinha Veludosa157Royal Paladin
Borna350Elder Druid
Brolty402Master Sorcerer
Bulba290Elder Druid
Cacau381Royal Paladin
Caioshaketlgd300Royal Paladin
Cegueta356Royal Paladin
Cem Gasolina169Elder Druid
Cesar400Master Sorcerer
Chino Antraxx277Elite Knight
Chiron111Royal Paladin
Chokitos375Royal Paladin
Chuck Charrua420Royal Paladin
Crack Saqua445Royal Paladin
Creed107Elite Knight
Crie Sevius449Royal Paladin
Damon258Royal Paladin
Dariel384Elite Knight
Darik Suchol406Royal Paladin
Dark Side259Elite Knight
Darken392Elder Druid
Darth Vader279Elite Knight
Death Kid381Elite Knight
Death Shoter341Royal Paladin
Demon Anarquia251Elite Knight
Demoniac390Royal Paladin
Dioakley423Elder Druid
Disturbed55Elite Knight
Djkina295Elite Knight
Djrogerinho289Royal Paladin
Dorothy29Royal Paladin
Druid Solitario295Elder Druid
Dude Macumbeiro256Elder Druid
Duvido316Elite Knight
Dybala359Royal Paladin
Ecstasy Saqua431Royal Paladin
Ek Kawkz380Elite Knight
El Chema31Master Sorcerer
El Lokura190Royal Paladin
Elcon Fight232Royal Paladin
Ethernall Bolt433Royal Paladin
Evertin Ironside346Elite Knight
Extreme352Royal Paladin
Extreminador436Royal Paladin
Felex Of Shanera375Elite Knight
Felipe357Royal Paladin
Floods351Royal Paladin
Full Lure327Elite Knight
Galaxy424Royal Paladin
Garoto330Royal Paladin
Gilgamesh148Elite Knight
Gonew182Elite Knight
Gorgonita Girl324Elite Knight
Gorgonita Richard418Royal Paladin
Governador339Elite Knight
Griwwjow211Master Sorcerer
Gugu Zika340Elite Knight
Guillee309Royal Paladin
Hazzard125Elite Knight
Html Css217Master Sorcerer
Inchada283Royal Paladin
Jep Tesudo414Elite Knight
Jiller267Master Sorcerer
Jordan Hawk400Elite Knight
Juvenil427Elite Knight
Kain Dos Bolt301Royal Paladin
Kain Dutrafico310Elder Druid
Kaiser Safadao463Elite Knight
Kakashi Hatake169Elite Knight
Kalista420Royal Paladin
Kappapride403Royal Paladin
Keep Trying339Elite Knight
Kharsek385Elite Knight
Kill Bill322Elder Druid
Kinjaz311Royal Paladin
Knight De Weed388Elite Knight
Knight Du Mal366Elite Knight
Knight Supremo349Elite Knight
Krawk135Master Sorcerer
Lady Legola243Royal Paladin
Leatherface433Royal Paladin
Leif248Elite Knight
Lets Ja428Royal Paladin
Light Sarow333Royal Paladin
Light Yagami14Paladin
Lilitih210Elder Druid
Lincarco381Elder Druid
Loko De Macumba339Elite Knight
Lord Kiki Owns141Elite Knight
Lubrax375Elite Knight
Luck346Master Sorcerer
Luiz Safadao501Elite Knight
Luk477Royal Paladin
Mahoumed318Elder Druid
Make235Elite Knight
Mantega370Royal Paladin
Masmok402Elder Druid
Matador Sombrieu282Royal Paladin
Matarindo358Royal Paladin
Matarino355Royal Paladin
Mc Wm327Elder Druid
Me Mira Mas Me Erra368Elder Druid
Medea38Royal Paladin
Menino Invocado361Royal Paladin
Merlin Dragnell401Elder Druid
Mhorzin402Elder Druid
Mike Ros301Royal Paladin
Missel Robacena456Royal Paladin
Missel The Best447Elite Knight
Monamour455Elite Knight
Monstraum352Master Sorcerer
Morgana Druid330Elder Druid
Mr Phodao350Royal Paladin
My Name Is Kain295Master Sorcerer
Nakara Sio302Elder Druid
Nebulosa406Elite Knight
Nebuloso406Royal Paladin
Negan Knight235Elite Knight
Negao217Royal Paladin
Nemesis185Royal Paladin
Nicholas Flamel300Master Sorcerer
Niewar158Elite Knight
Night Killer253Royal Paladin
Nina410Elite Knight
North Western384Royal Paladin
Objeto Sexual358Royal Paladin
Ohriam457Elite Knight
Old Bruninho Sdzor379Elder Druid
Omb437Elite Knight
Pabllo Vittar425Elder Druid
Pablo Pintin161Elite Knight
Paladin Of Death411Royal Paladin
Pali381Royal Paladin
Pally Dashoow448Royal Paladin
Para Na Massa230Elite Knight
Paredao Blocker454Elite Knight
Pastel De Forno116Elite Knight
Patto421Elite Knight
Picozeraah476Elite Knight
Pikah Nelas227Royal Paladin
Pipacorn367Royal Paladin
Policia Do Servidor27Royal Paladin
Porcola Cryz393Master Sorcerer
Rabiga327Master Sorcerer
Ras Al Ghul365Elite Knight
Rebanete367Royal Paladin
Revolution270Royal Paladin
Rob Zombie337Elite Knight
Rodz352Royal Paladin
Royal Intens301Master Sorcerer
Rx Darius280Elite Knight
Rx Guba354Elder Druid
Rx Jarvan356Royal Paladin
Rx Kayn346Elite Knight
Rx King338Royal Paladin
Rx Lorde Snow367Elite Knight
Sabugo De Milho406Elite Knight
Saquazinho363Royal Paladin
Sayki379Elite Knight
Schneider Vl299Elite Knight
Scooby Doo428Master Sorcerer
Sem Gasolina8Paladin
Seyah Xenka497Royal Paladin
Shadow Rp321Royal Paladin
Silucan329Elite Knight
Simo Pally356Royal Paladin
Sirius Huron323Master Sorcerer
Slayer387Royal Paladin
Sodomita331Royal Paladin
Sorcer390Master Sorcerer
Sr Maverick300Elite Knight
Sra Maverick200Elite Knight
Status343Royal Paladin
Strong306Royal Paladin
Sustyz182Royal Paladin
Swindle248Royal Paladin
Taca Palito Nub240Royal Paladin
Take My Son334Elder Druid
Taviin463Royal Paladin
The Rav353Elite Knight
Theuzik Pally200Royal Paladin
Tisoura287Royal Paladin
Tito Mal Paly405Royal Paladin
Tiu Lu274Elder Druid
Toinho Tranq282Royal Paladin
Tormenta220Royal Paladin
Trojan356Elite Knight
Tyrius253Royal Paladin
Uchiha Sasuke351Elite Knight
Unknow Palli341Royal Paladin
Vallin Qk407Royal Paladin
Vicerato413Royal Paladin
Vich368Elder Druid
Vocation349Royal Paladin
Well Saqua277Royal Paladin
Windows Phone352Elite Knight
Worzek Edited214Royal Paladin
Xerequinha428Elite Knight
Xodet Nolife401Royal Paladin
Xoyum400Royal Paladin
Zandor426Elite Knight
Ze Droginha301Elite Knight
Ze Ruela343Royal Paladin
Zelador Willi193Royal Paladin
Zerinho272Elite Knight
Zeus290Elite Knight
Zeuss384Elite Knight

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