Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
IP: go.Drugovich-Global.com.br      Versão: 11      Port: 7171      (Crie sua conta)      (Download Cliente Próprio)

Server Status
Currently 37 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Gelin Tekin8Knight
Master Che168Elite Knight
Mister Palandin177Royal Paladin
Capitao Poco204Royal Paladin
Mbappe271Elite Knight
Mega Nerd280Royal Paladin
Desperos306Royal Paladin
Daijoubu325Elite Knight
Paladin Invernal331Royal Paladin
Rog Dell333Elite Knight
Chuck Loco342Royal Paladin
Angel Of Death347Royal Paladin
Pao Doce347Royal Paladin
Wildstrap Gully353Royal Paladin
Leni357Royal Paladin
Lifetaker358Royal Paladin
Riza Williok361Royal Paladin
Demon Bolter363Royal Paladin
Death374Royal Paladin
Dila Alldin378Royal Paladin
Theo386Royal Paladin
Tobias398Royal Paladin
Kain Dos Golpe398Royal Paladin
Python400Royal Paladin
Jerry Vampyy401Elite Knight
Izuku407Royal Paladin
Cupido409Royal Paladin
Kaneki429Royal Paladin
Benjamim431Royal Paladin
King Paly434Royal Paladin
Kain Returns437Royal Paladin
Felex Of Shanera442Elite Knight
Nepzin444Royal Paladin
Knight Mithus452Elite Knight
Deu Onda459Elite Knight
Loko Crazy463Elite Knight
Agaraga Bitch480Royal Paladin

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