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Server Status
Currently 131 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Absolut Saqua446Royal Paladin
Ai Brabo221Elite Knight
Ak Pente Alongado358Royal Paladin
Arjuna357Royal Paladin
Arlo Vilao359Elite Knight
Askaradin476Royal Paladin
Aurora328Elder Druid
Authentic402Royal Paladin
Azoth271Royal Paladin
Batgol360Elite Knight
Be Pala378Royal Paladin
Bel Dyd67Elder Druid
Bela301Elite Knight
Beto Oz355Royal Paladin
Billy The Kid414Royal Paladin
Blocko Tudo309Elite Knight
Boltadanoseucu351Royal Paladin
Boomerang367Royal Paladin
Brainstorming326Elder Druid
Brinquedo Mil Grau464Royal Paladin
Brinquedo Nato322Elite Knight
Brutus354Elite Knight
Cesar451Master Sorcerer
Chama Fia444Royal Paladin
Chama Fio456Royal Paladin
Chino Antraxx317Elite Knight
Chups My Bigoli81Royal Paladin
Comandante Antraxx216Royal Paladin
Crack Saqua454Royal Paladin
Darlanzeira409Elder Druid
Darth Vader400Elite Knight
Death Kid400Elite Knight
Demoniac392Royal Paladin
Deus155Royal Paladin
Draco Malfoy344Elite Knight
Drekazovisk359Royal Paladin
Duzz490Royal Paladin
Ecstasy Saqua452Royal Paladin
Eduarda Maria330Royal Paladin
Ek Kawkz425Elite Knight
Ethernall Bolt453Royal Paladin
Extreme353Royal Paladin
Fogueteiro403Royal Paladin
Fumasinha190Elder Druid
Galaxy452Royal Paladin
Gandalf Fudidex318Elder Druid
Gilgamesh386Elite Knight
Glooc Toris329Royal Paladin
Gustavao122Elite Knight
Hazzard125Elite Knight
Hemp401Royal Paladin
Hera378Royal Paladin
Heroshoter446Royal Paladin
Inemafoo199Elite Knight
Inseto Do Mal62Royal Paladin
Izuku347Royal Paladin
Julia431Royal Paladin
Jureminha Warrior254Elite Knight
Kaiser Safadao486Elite Knight
Kina Espanca305Elite Knight
Kinjaz353Royal Paladin
Knight Du Mal388Elite Knight
Knight Rullex325Elite Knight
Krikrikrikri187Elite Knight
Kyon467Royal Paladin
Last Ajm403Royal Paladin
Levudi352Elder Druid
Light Yagami329Royal Paladin
Lord Saqua422Royal Paladin
Lowk357Royal Paladin
Luana Vitoria349Elite Knight
Luck Shaw349Royal Paladin
Luiz Safadao511Elite Knight
Maconheiro Saqua461Royal Paladin
Madrugadaao453Elite Knight
Maria Eduarda284Royal Paladin
Marihuana360Elder Druid
Mc Kevin178Master Sorcerer
Mc Wm325Elder Druid
Me Solta Porra119Royal Paladin
Medea266Royal Paladin
Migatte No Gokui356Royal Paladin
Missel449Elder Druid
Missel Robacena477Royal Paladin
Montmorency376Royal Paladin
Morfina335Elite Knight
My Roll261Elite Knight
Myck Jague303Royal Paladin
Naruto326Royal Paladin
Nask304Master Sorcerer
Nepzin328Royal Paladin
Niewar402Elite Knight
Pally Hs333Royal Paladin
Pally Rullex249Royal Paladin
Patto462Elite Knight
Picozeraah488Elite Knight
Precious Sky460Royal Paladin
Princesa Elizabeth351Royal Paladin
Ragnarock70Elder Druid
Rodz382Royal Paladin
Roger426Royal Paladin
Rules350Elite Knight
Rxv Gorduuh101Royal Paladin
Sacaninha250Royal Paladin
Sacobble327Elder Druid
Safadeex349Elder Druid
Sangrenta280Royal Paladin
Siller345Royal Paladin
Sir Artorias350Elite Knight
Soorc Ownns329Master Sorcerer
Strong306Royal Paladin
Sup De Bape459Elite Knight
Supreme413Royal Paladin
Taviin476Royal Paladin
Tijolinho405Elite Knight
Tito Mal Paly403Royal Paladin
Tomp285Elder Druid
Tormenta268Royal Paladin
Trojan410Elite Knight
Uchiha Sasuke353Elite Knight
Ulquiorra368Elite Knight
Very Brabo221Elder Druid
Vitorinhapally330Royal Paladin
Wellington207Royal Paladin
Whisky Com Gelo267Elder Druid
Will Ms382Master Sorcerer
Windows Phone390Elite Knight
Winx Lovix376Royal Paladin
Xoyum414Royal Paladin

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