Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
IP: go.Drugovich-Global.com.br      Versão: 11      Port: 7171      (Crie sua conta)      (Download Cliente Próprio)

Server Status
Currently 74 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Agamenon290Elite Knight
Aurora328Elder Druid
Batgol401Elite Knight
Bela373Elite Knight
Betinho307Elite Knight
Beto Oz400Royal Paladin
Billy The Kid418Royal Paladin
Binho291Royal Paladin
Birruss475Royal Paladin
Blaise289Royal Paladin
Boltadanoseucu352Royal Paladin
Capitao Poco204Royal Paladin
Chuck Loco342Royal Paladin
Coronel Guile225Elite Knight
Criador356Royal Paladin
Crie Sevius472Royal Paladin
Darinho400Royal Paladin
Darlanzeira430Elder Druid
Demon Bolter347Royal Paladin
Demoniac392Royal Paladin
Drakkix500Royal Paladin
Druid Solitario360Elder Druid
Ek Zinha345Royal Paladin
Elite Maste328Elite Knight
Essense Of Knight263Elite Knight
Extreme349Royal Paladin
Galaxy485Royal Paladin
Gihh450Royal Paladin
Hazzard320Elite Knight
Heikor180Elite Knight
Hellan351Royal Paladin
Hera451Royal Paladin
Immortal Dan8Knight
Jeito Malicioso8Paladin
Jerryvampy351Elder Druid
Joaolins351Royal Paladin
Julu430Royal Paladin
Kain Returns396Royal Paladin
Kiki Owns457Elite Knight
Killua354Elite Knight
Kina Owns278Elite Knight
King Paly322Royal Paladin
Knight Du Mal391Elite Knight
Knight Mithus432Elite Knight
Koodiak329Elite Knight
Lawk342Royal Paladin
Leticia194Elite Knight
Lewk316Royal Paladin
Light Yagami409Royal Paladin
Loko Crazy428Elite Knight
Lowk419Royal Paladin
Matthaesius326Royal Paladin
Melina115Elite Knight
Mr Satan251Royal Paladin
Nask324Master Sorcerer
Nepzin420Royal Paladin
Oiac320Royal Paladin
Paladin Solitario351Royal Paladin
Remela333Royal Paladin
Sangrenta280Royal Paladin
Saphiiry354Royal Paladin
Self Com Paau388Royal Paladin
Simo Pally422Royal Paladin
Sra Knight331Elite Knight
Teempus280Royal Paladin
Tormenta306Royal Paladin
Trojan411Elite Knight
Viih102Elite Knight
Wesleyana278Royal Paladin
Will Ms381Master Sorcerer
Zoe252Elite Knight

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