Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
IP: go.Drugovich-Global.com.br      Versão: 11      Port: 7171      (Crie sua conta)      (Download Cliente Próprio)

Server Status
Currently 37 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Agaraga Bitch480Royal Paladin
Agua Preta370Royal Paladin
Alker301Royal Paladin
Babagar259Elder Druid
Carlos203Elite Knight
Chuck Loco342Royal Paladin
Crazy Pally251Royal Paladin
Daijoubu336Elite Knight
Dedo36Elite Knight
Drekazovisk416Royal Paladin
Felex Of Shanera442Elite Knight
Galaxy498Royal Paladin
Hansarok321Royal Paladin
Izuku405Royal Paladin
Jerry Vampyy401Elite Knight
Kain Dos Golpe399Royal Paladin
Kain Returns435Royal Paladin
Layka427Master Sorcerer
Madrugadaao503Elite Knight
Mbappe271Elite Knight
Mega Nerd280Royal Paladin
Nepzin444Royal Paladin
Nexploze414Royal Paladin
Nina463Elite Knight
North Western450Royal Paladin
Paladin Invernal332Royal Paladin
Pally Fuzion204Royal Paladin
Python402Royal Paladin
Ragnarock326Elder Druid
San403Elite Knight
Selfie290Elite Knight
Theo402Royal Paladin
Tobias408Royal Paladin
Unbroken365Royal Paladin
Vallin Qk457Royal Paladin
Veto Mil Grau8Paladin
Xoyum476Royal Paladin

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