Drugovich-Global Alternative Tibia Server
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Server Status
Currently 141 players are online on Drugovich-Global.

Arjuna406Royal Paladin
Arqueiro Zueiro371Royal Paladin
Ativo236Elite Knight
Aurora328Elder Druid
Batgol381Elite Knight
Be Pala413Royal Paladin
Bela318Elite Knight
Beto Oz354Royal Paladin
Billy The Kid414Royal Paladin
Blinx400Elder Druid
Boltadanoseucu352Royal Paladin
Boneca Monster Hich333Elder Druid
Boomerang368Royal Paladin
Bruniin361Royal Paladin
Bugabuga315Royal Paladin
Chama Fio455Royal Paladin
Chino Antraxx317Elite Knight
Chupoka284Royal Paladin
Comandante Antraxx243Royal Paladin
Coronel Guile184Elite Knight
Criador363Royal Paladin
Darik Suchol454Royal Paladin
Dark Side259Elite Knight
Death Kid400Elite Knight
Demoniac392Royal Paladin
Dominando Zora350Elder Druid
Druid Solitario351Elder Druid
Dude Macumbeiro264Elder Druid
Efhae139Elder Druid
Ek Kawkz432Elite Knight
Ek Mafioso236Elite Knight
Ek Zinha330Royal Paladin
Elite Max307Royal Paladin
Energetic327Royal Paladin
Estelar270Elder Druid
Executer305Elite Knight
Extreme349Royal Paladin
Felex Of Shanera427Elite Knight
Felipe Funck93Master Sorcerer
Furios Death32Elite Knight
Galaxy458Royal Paladin
Gilberto253Royal Paladin
Gilgamesh409Elite Knight
Glooc Toris354Royal Paladin
Gorgonita Richard430Royal Paladin
Guga Nitro343Elder Druid
Gugao Nitro328Master Sorcerer
Hazzard320Elite Knight
Heartbreaker318Royal Paladin
Heathcliff278Elite Knight
Hera424Royal Paladin
Heroshoter458Royal Paladin
Insanokina307Elite Knight
Inseto Do Mal323Royal Paladin
Izuku406Royal Paladin
Jd Santos314Royal Paladin
Joaolins321Royal Paladin
Jogo Tibia Etranso457Royal Paladin
Juvenil500Elite Knight
Kapeta Killer370Master Sorcerer
Kina Espanca333Elite Knight
Kinazinha Da Mort118Elite Knight
Kinjaz359Royal Paladin
Knight Poderoso374Elite Knight
Lady Skallybur29Elite Knight
Lawk343Royal Paladin
Lekinha67Royal Paladin
Lewk294Royal Paladin
Light Yagami371Royal Paladin
Loko Crazy319Elite Knight
Lordlatex208Elite Knight
Lowk405Royal Paladin
Luck Shaw413Royal Paladin
Lukinha Pca376Master Sorcerer
Maconheiro Erverday424Royal Paladin
Madrugadaao486Elite Knight
Mbappe216Elite Knight
Migatte No Gokui406Royal Paladin
Mike Ros412Royal Paladin
Morri Morto319Elder Druid
Mr Satan209Royal Paladin
Myck Jague422Royal Paladin
Naruto337Royal Paladin
Nask338Master Sorcerer
Neguinhafafada201Royal Paladin
Nepzin405Royal Paladin
Niewar481Elite Knight
Nike Air270Royal Paladin
Ozy440Royal Paladin
Pally Rasga Cu320Royal Paladin
Palytow343Royal Paladin
Pardal Doido204Elder Druid
Passivo290Elder Druid
Perigosa172Royal Paladin
Playboyzinho282Royal Paladin
Pleticoza416Royal Paladin
Princesa Elizabeth426Royal Paladin
Pro Haker212Elder Druid
Progressive350Elite Knight
Revolution300Royal Paladin
Rodz404Royal Paladin
Roger451Royal Paladin
Royal Zwalk351Royal Paladin
Rules373Elite Knight
Rx King402Royal Paladin
Sacaninha250Royal Paladin
Sangrenta280Royal Paladin
Seu Madruguinha8Paladin
Shakai322Royal Paladin
Shask304Master Sorcerer
Simo Pally422Royal Paladin
Sir Stuke190Master Sorcerer
Sodomita400Royal Paladin
Sra Knight334Elite Knight
Tchuck401Royal Paladin
Tchuckk345Elite Knight
Teempus280Royal Paladin
Tenha Cuidado409Royal Paladin
The Last Of Us443Master Sorcerer
Theuzik Pally427Royal Paladin
Thor Skybolt483Royal Paladin
Thuruley Thurulin322Royal Paladin
Tormenta269Royal Paladin
Trojan411Elite Knight
Tupac395Elite Knight
Twomin35Master Sorcerer
Uchiha Sasuke360Elite Knight
Ulquiorra368Elite Knight
Unknow Druid358Elder Druid
Veto Mil Grau8Paladin
Violletta300Royal Paladin
Vitor Push Facil298Elite Knight
Vitorinhapally351Royal Paladin
Wesleyana51Royal Paladin
Will Ms380Master Sorcerer
Windows Phone400Elite Knight
Yery312Royal Paladin
Yondu316Royal Paladin
Zora Push Wall338Royal Paladin

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